If you are completely comfortable with all your movements, but need direction to help you reach your goals, we are the right place for you. We offer custom programs designed with how frequently you train, how long each session should last, how well you are recovering between workouts and what your goals are. Along with the program, you have access to your own coaches email and phone number to ask any questions. We pair this together with custom nutrition, giving you meals each week with the appropriate calories and macro-nutrients to reach your goals whether it be losing fat or gaining muscle. The bow to tie this all together is accountability. You’ll have access to your coach 24/7, but they’ll be checking in with you daily to make sure you execute. With daily weigh-ins and one on one meetings every fourteen days there’s no quitting on yourself!
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The Moses Fitness Powerlifting program is the brainchild of powerlifter and strength coach, Ronson Moses. The program’s principles are borrowing from Soviet and Bulgarian weightlifting training techniques and ingeniously adapted to powerlifting. The Moses philosophy challenges popular beliefs about the way we think, how a strength training program should be structured and implemented.
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This program is designed primarily as a way to put on as much muscle as possible. Performance will be put on the back burner in exchange of looking as good as possible. you’ll see lots of isolation movement as well as a ton of volume all to help pack on muscle!
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Want to develop a thick neck and an iron grip? Learn and develop the skills necessary to move heavy things against the force of gravity. Logs, stones, yolks we got it all.
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The Moses Functional Fitness program is a high intensity workout program designed to improve a persons general physical fitness in 10 different areas. Our program will make you stronger, faster and leaner in no time.
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There’s so much fitness out there it can be hard to focus exclusively on one style of training. In this program we will be incorporating all of our programs with a focus on the desired areas of your choice anything from body building to Olympic weightlifting, sky’s the limit!
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The Goal of the Moses Fitness Olympic Lifting program is for athletes to learn, practice, and train the Clean, Jerk, and Snatch. Athletes of all ability levels are welcome and encouraged to participate.

These sessions are designed for two types of athletes…

1. CrossFit athletes looking to improve performance in CrossFit WODS.
2. New and seasoned weightlifters looking to compete in local and regional USAW sanctioned meets as part of our Moses Fitness Weightlifting Team.

If you are new to weightlifting, the exercises are taught and practiced starting with only a PVC pipe. Once technique becomes proficient with the PVC, we will move to a 10# barbell. We progressively add weight based on ability. The goal is to eventually integrate all new weightlifters into our regularly prescribed programming.

If you are someone who has experience in weightlifting, daily workouts are prescribed and technique issues will always be addressed. Our goal is to improve your performance through better efficiency in the movements and through well thought out, highly effective training programs.