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12811 Victory Blvd
Valley Glen, CA 91606

Sun - Thu: 7 AM - 10 PM
FRI: 7 AM - 4 PM


Moses Fitness has a variety of options in our day to day programming.

Custom nutrition and training programs are available in five week cycles.

Please check our schedule to find out when the right time is for you to train.

We follow a precise strength and conditioning program maximizing the time spent in the gym as well as your progress over a whole training block

The options can include anything from Olympic weightlifting and strongman to Crossfit and bodybuilding and anything in between.

If you need more individual attention private training is the way to go, if you feel proficient in all of your movements join open gym and train at your own pace.

Moses Fitness is the most well rounded gym you’ll find just come in and see for your self!

Classes, private and open gym is available, access to our head coaches email and phone number to ask any questions.

All of our classes are separate for men and women allowing everyone to feel comfortable going at their own speed.

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Our programs


The Moses Fitness Powerlifting program is the brainchild of powerlifter and strength coach Ronson...

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This program is designed primarily as a way to put on as much muscle as possible. Performance will be put on the back…

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Olympic Lifting

The Goal of the Moses Fitness Olympic Lifting program is for athletes to learn, practice, and train the Clean, Jerk…

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Want to develop a thick neck and an iron grip? Learn and develop the skills necessary to move heavy things against…

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Functional Fitness

The Moses Functional Fitness program is a high intensity workout program designed to improve a persons general physical...

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There’s so much fitness out there it can be hard to focus exclusively on one style of training. In this program we will be…

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Our client testimonials

Mosesfitness testimonials

This is a great boutique fitness facility if your looking to focus on your fitness gains. It has everything you need for a great workout with state of the art equipment. You can also enjoy personalized workout programs with available private training sessions. I highly recommend you check this place out, dump the big brand and come workout here if your a local!

George A.

Mosesfitness testimonials

Greatest place I've worked out in a long time. I train very hard as an athlete and fitness competitor and Moses Fitness offers everything I need to keep myself in peak athletic shape. I can do all my Weightlifting, powerlifting, strongman, and functionality work. The community is also very nice, and there is always plenty of parking!!!

Callen S.

Mosesfitness testimonials

Everybody helps everybody. Ronson the owner Has so much integrity "The way he treats people, & "it's very clean  and has Rouge and top end equipment "If your serious this is the spot""Thank you Moses family for helping me get legs back And all your
"I'm very grateful..

Black T.